About us

CleanTech Business Ltd is a “plans, programmes and projects” Consultancy Company linked to the GreenTech Business Network- the UK’s fastest growing low carbon business network.

Our clients are;

Businesses - We work with green companies to secure grant and investment packages and link companies to business opportunities through the GreenTech Business Network.

Public Sector - Previous project assignments have included;

  • CleanTech Sector Strategies
  • “Green Growth” business support programmes-design and operation
  • European funding applications
  • Smart City Feasibility Studies
  • “Green job” economic impact assessments
  • Project development and Programme management

Please view examples of our current and previous projects.

CleanTech Business has a network of Associates with expertise spanning all aspects of the emerging low carbon sector. We also have an extensive range of partners, which enables us to assemble teams around specific project assignments.

The Company is headed up by Neil Horsley who has over 30 years experience in urban regeneration and environmental projects spanning a range of senior positions in Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham. Neil currently Chairs the Sustainable Cities Nottingham Task Force and was previously Chairman of the Environmental Industries Forum.

CleanTech Business has a reciprocal partner agreement to provide business accommodation and support to UK companies establishing a presence in the USA and conversely American companies looking for a UK base from which to access European markets.

Please contact us about your project idea.

Please view examples of our current and previous  work or  contact us about your project;


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